What is Timelapse Photography?

The above video will seems like a fast forward video of sunrise and below the gif will seems like a video of a sunset and clouds moving, but they are actually sequence of images clicked over a long duration and played at a fast frame rate (typically 24-30 frames/second). It is what we call a Timelapse. Timelapse is a is a beautiful and artistic way of capturing a phenomenon extended over a period of time.We have all seen such footage used in advertisements, films, etc.

bhopal temple sunset timelaspe (timestance.com)

sunset timelaspe

Artistically : Timelapse its a perspective of time given to images. which are taken over a long duration.

According to wikipedia: Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence.Our fascination of things which we cannot perceive makes them look beautiful, and thats exactly timelapse does.. like setting of sun, motion of clouds within seconds, such changes are not notable for human eyes. playing such sequences in few seconds makes a timelapse interesting.

Timelapses are getting more and more popular in recent years. But not everyone will jump into shooting a timelapse as it takes a lot of patience and planning. But the results are equally beautiful.

Some of the common subjects for timelapse photography

  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Flower blossoming
  • Growth of plant
  • Clouds movement
  • Movement of stars due to (rotation of earth)
  • Movements of a busy city street.
  • Construction of Buildings

There are different techniques involved in making these timelapse, we will discuss them all in detail in our tutorials to come.

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