Using SEO Lovematically way


This is about an automatic instagram images liking feature of lovematically developed by an award winning mobile app agency (Fueled).


Using SEO Lovematically way – Facebook / instagram acting in hours of making it live

The concept is simple, yet somewhat strange. Lovematically automatically likes up to 150 photos from every person you’re following on Instagram. Which is against the instagram policy: and hence created a spur within first 1 hour of making the site live.

As facebook owns instagram, i tried to post about this cool app on my facebook and BINGO!!! Facebook put down my request saying its an unsafe link.



2 hours of run and Facebook/Instagram taking actions made a fuss……. Awesome strategy, planning and execution in time.

Today facebook/instagram office will be filled with lovematically discussions, which is pretty cool!!

In this total publicity gimmic, the gainer is none other then Fueled’s Rameet Chawla who developed it.

Fueled’s Rameet Chawla built a hack for others to “like” their way to Internet fame and real-life fortune and used Instagram likes to earn $500K in new business. (read more..)

Truely no publicity is bad publicity.


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